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Meet Our Staff

Delivering excellent health care to all of our patients

Florida East Coast Medical Group has some of the best staff members in South Florida. We would be privileged to treat you at our facility. Please feel free to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Dr. Ludmila Mishelevich is American Board Certified with Family Medicine.

Ludmila Mishelevich

Ludmila Mishelevich

Medical Doctor

American Board Certified of Family Medicine


Robin Vandeman


I am Dr. Mishelevich’s right hand. I assist her in all activities in the office. I have over 25 years of experience in the medical field, ten of those with Dr. Mishelevich. I take care of everything from refills to lab result callbacks, or whatever she needs assistance with at that time.


Jane Holt


I am the office manager. I have over 25 years’ experience in medical management. I am the new kid at Dr. Mishelevich’s office. I handle all the billing and collections, but also help wherever I am needed. I am a small-town girl, with small town values. The care of you and your loved ones are my first order of business.


Beverly Ryan


I am the receptionist and referral coordinator for Dr. Mishelevich. I have over 25 years of experience in the medical field, ten of those years with Dr. Mishelevich. It is my job to make sure that you get the appointment that best fits your schedule, and that all your orders and authorizations are in place before your appointment.